Meet The Founder

A Manifested Dream 

   "I always had a passion for makeup, especially lipstick. As a little girl, I used to play with my mothers makeup & she of course would take them away. So then my sister & I would go on a hunt for markers & use them as lipstick & nail polish to match. 
    Red is my favorite color. Red to me represents courage, strength, & even on my worse day, red colored lips makes me feel as though conquering the world is light weight. Inspired by my mom, when she wears red, she exudes confidence. She’s bold, strong & fierce, I guess that's where I get it from. I used to love watching her get all dolled up with a bold red lip & her infamous beauty mark at the top to complete the look. Her inspiration became my vision now it’s in manifestation. Welcome to Pink Print Lipstick Bar, allow us to get you lipstick wasted!"



 Katlyne S, Founder of Pink Print Lipstick Bar